Brushing gold leafTo discuss your framing requirements it is best to call for chat or to arrange an appointment to meet me at my Nottingham picture framing studio. I have a choice of frames and mounts that could lead you to indecision! Seriously, I can offer you a choice of over 500 frames, and 100 different mount colours.

Together we will gradually narrow down the options. After discussing the nature of the artwork to determine the most appropriate methods and materials we will explore the best combination of mount colours by placing them in direct contact with your picture. You will see how even a subtle shift in tone or colour temperature can dramatically alter the visual impact. Also, we will consider the optimal size of the mount to best support your picture. Suitable frame samples will be placed around the mounts and the process of weighing the visual impact of each change will assessed once more until you are entirely confident in your choice.

When we meet we will discuss all your options and I will advise on the most appropriate framing methods and materials for your budget. This service is free of charge and without obligation.

In A Rush?

Got an urgent job? Not a problem – give me a call and we’ll talk deadlines. In most cases your frame will be ready within two weeks. I will then contact you by telephone, text or email (you choose). The frame can then be collected from the studio workshop or, for your convenience or added peace of mind, I will deliver it for you if you prefer.