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Why use a custom framer?

Frames on angle in detail

Choice is a good thing. In choosing we are making decisions that represent who we are as individuals.

Displaying artwork in our homes is an act of visual communication that speaks of our taste, style and culture. How then do we go about choosing a suitable frame? Let’s say for argument sake that you have a treasured watercolour painting that you would like to have framed or perhaps a movie poster. What are your options? You could hope to pick up a suitable readymade frame from a national hardware store. Sadly, a visit there might leave you to believe that the only things people wanted framing were standard sized photographs or certificates. Never mind, perhaps you would fear better at the international furniture and home wares store. Granted, you would have a few more options there. If you were lucky, after eliminating all those that were the wrong colour or wrong shape, you might have three or four frames to choose from.

A pre-cut mountboard would be supplied with the frame. More than likely these would be cream or white – not necessarily a problem- but what about the size of the window in the mount, would this be an exact fit for you picture? I think you get the message. Choice would be limited. Conversely, with a custom or bespoke framer your choices are virtually limitless.

Let’s continue with the example of the watercolour painting. To keep things simple I will assume that you have already decided that you want a simple frame with a single mount and glass. With over 500 frame styles, 100 different colours of mountboard and 3 types of glass I would be able to offer you 150,000 possible combinations to choose from. Would that be enough choice for you? Moreover, because each frame is made individually to fit your picture you are assured that it would fit perfectly.

Perhaps you would benefit from an experienced eye to help you narrow down your options. That would be my pleasure.