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Caring for your artwork

Where to hang pictures

Try to avoid hanging pictures above radiators or fires.  Rapid or extreme changes in temperature can cause paper and wood to dry out and adhesives to fail prematurely.

It is always best to avoid hanging framed pictures in humid conditions. Damp can cause pictures to ripple and encourage fungal growth. Certain conservation techniques can mitigate against damp so if in doubt speak to your framer and he will be able to advise on the most suitable framing methods,

Where possible, it is better to avoid hanging in strong direct light (opposite a large window for example). UV light will fade works on paper. Anti UV glass is available but expensive (although probably worth the extra for works of value).


Don’t use cleaning fluids or water on frames – a gentle dust is all that is needed. When using glass cleaner apply it to the cloth rather than spaying it directly onto the glass. This will prevent it from running down the glass and potentially damaging the frame or your artwork.

Regular checks

It is a good idea to check your frames periodically to make sure the fixings are secure and that the brown paper tape sealing the frame is in good order. If you find that sealing tape has come unstuck, return the frame to the framer. Do not attempt to replace the tape with masking tape; it is not up to the job! Oil paintings on stretched canvas may become loose over time but can be restreched by your framer if necessary.


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Water-gilded frames for exhibition

oil painting of stream at Tichill in water-gilded frame

Below are the two frames that I have just finished for my paintings which I will be sending to the Affiliates Exhibition at the Nottingham Society of Artists. The exhibition runs from the 9th to 14th of February at St Lukes House on Friar Lane.




This frame was gilded with 12K white gold – the yellowish cast, more apparent on the sides, is a reflection of a cream wall opposite.



original oil painting in water-gilded frame



This frame was gilded in 22k gold which was the distressed to reveal the red bole beneath.

These and more of my paintings can be seen on my painting blog, The Filbert and Rigger

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Painting Wins Holbrook Award

“Sparkling Light – Nottingham Riverside Festival”, a painting that I have been working on for the last couple of months, has just been awarded the Holbrook Trust first prize at the Nottingham society of Artists autumn exhibition. The development of the painting, which depicts the dragon boat racing from the Nottingham Riverside Festival, can be tracked on my painting blog The Filbert and Rigger. . Naturally, I also framed the picture and after toying with the idea of a hand-gilded frame I eventually opted for a modern chunky moulding in a pewter finish with a white slip.



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Framing workshop / studio

I thought I would post some images of the framing workshop / studio. After what seems like an eternity designing, planning and building the new studio and combined picture framing workshop was completed a couple of months ago. I had meant to post pictures before now but there has always been something else competing for my attention!

Click on the thumbnails for larger pictures.




















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Why use a custom framer?

Frames on angle in detail

Choice is a good thing. In choosing we are making decisions that represent who we are as individuals.

Displaying artwork in our homes is an act of visual communication that speaks of our taste, style and culture. How then do we go about choosing a suitable frame? Let’s say for argument sake that you have a treasured watercolour painting that you would like to have framed or perhaps a movie poster. What are your options? You could hope to pick up a suitable readymade frame from a national hardware store. Sadly, a visit there might leave you to believe that the only things people wanted framing were standard sized photographs or certificates. Never mind, perhaps you would fear better at the international furniture and home wares store. Granted, you would have a few more options there. If you were lucky, after eliminating all those that were the wrong colour or wrong shape, you might have three or four frames to choose from.

A pre-cut mountboard would be supplied with the frame. More than likely these would be cream or white – not necessarily a problem- but what about the size of the window in the mount, would this be an exact fit for you picture? I think you get the message. Choice would be limited. Conversely, with a custom or bespoke framer your choices are virtually limitless.

Let’s continue with the example of the watercolour painting. To keep things simple I will assume that you have already decided that you want a simple frame with a single mount and glass. With over 500 frame styles, 100 different colours of mountboard and 3 types of glass I would be able to offer you 150,000 possible combinations to choose from. Would that be enough choice for you? Moreover, because each frame is made individually to fit your picture you are assured that it would fit perfectly.

Perhaps you would benefit from an experienced eye to help you narrow down your options. That would be my pleasure.

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